Welcome HiddenGenius!

By Jessica Fox

Here at HiddenGenius, we like those who break out of the mold. We like the path less travelled. And we like stories.


On the eve of launching our blog, we look to an old Navajo tale for our favorite inspiration. Odd, perhaps, for a technology company to call on mythology to evoke the spirit of who we are. But to us it's not odd at all, in fact, it's perfectly fitting. Stories and creativity are what turns a small idea into a large one, or a need in society into a call for adventure and innovation that will change the world. 


Once upon a time (and we're paraphrasing to get to the good stuff quickly) there were two brothers who were born in a land plagued by giants. When they turned old enough, their mother let slip their father was the sun god. Immediately the brothers decided to adventure beyond their town, seek him out and ask for his help. "No!" the towns people cried, worried for their safety. After much debate the townsfolk relented, begging the brothers if they were to seek out a solution, they must promise not to go North. They could go East, West, South, all the well travelled routes. Just not North. And so, they went North. 


In order to find the solution for the needs of their community, they had to think beyond the community. They had to roundhouse kick the status quo. They had no choice but to go North.


We at HiddenGenius are inviting you "to go North" with us. Come on the path less travelled, spark, shape, sponsor and compete in technology competitions that improve our world. 


We firmly, passionately believe good ideas come from anywhere. Not just in the minds of the experts but you, yes, in true Bogart fashion we're "looking at you, kid". Based on your own unique talents, perspective and experience, you have something to offer that no one else in the world has. You could be holding the solution for a problem that you may not even know exists. Time to give serendipity a back seat and take control over those happy encounters where the right person with the right idea finds the right problem. Connect with the crowd to make innovation happen, compete in our challenges, spark new ones, give and become empowered to improve our world for the better. Game on.


Welcome to HiddenGenius.