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What is the inspiration?
Continued observation of medication errors at all levels. Seeing family members & patients struggle to keep accurate medication lists. Seeing drug interactions that can be prevented with better coordination of caregivers, doctors, & pharmacists. Frustration with the human & financial cost that can be avoided with available app & phone technology. Errors in medical records that become indelible.
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Why is this important to me?
We need a creative, simple solution to this large problem. It will save lives.

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More to the Story

Dr Robert Shpiner

Part of the disconnect between patients and the healthcare system is confusion, misinformation and subsequent minor and major medication complications. The numbers are staggering: the effects profound, and the costs: to overall health, lack of proper treatment and wasted money makes this issue of paramount importance. The solution is easily available and could utilize technology which is widely in use.
Each day I see avoidable problems with medication information entry into the records, easily avoidable negative interactions, and
a widespread confusion between patients, their doctor(s), pharmacies and insurance companies.

Instead of using an abacus to do calculus, the solution is in our hands: with a simple "smart" phone and combining technology already developed; it is within easy reach to avoid the consequences of medication errors, improve understanding, streamline our records, improve communication between all the levels of health care delivery.

Easy solutions to widespread problems are rare opportunities to help eliminate a far reaching, important problem.

about 1 year ago
Tiny trevor 2014 07 24 Trevor McKeeman

Sometimes we get to see just how important a spark can be. According to this great article by ‪#‎ProPublica‬ - over 250,000 people are dying in the US alone due to medical errors (3rd leading cause of death).

Bob Shpiner is a brilliant doctor and this HiddenGenius technology challenge has the chance to help reduce the number of drug interactions and save literally thousands of lives!

Thank you Bob, #ProPublica, ‪#‎NPR‬, and ‪#‎JohnsHopkins‬ surgeon Marty Makary for sharing this challenge with the world!

12 months ago
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