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The huge increase in drones means there is a lot at stake for both manned & unmanned aircraft operators as drones are integrated into the national airspace. Collision avoidance is probably the largest, most complex problem facing aviation today. Drones will not be delivering supplies or flying beyond visual line of sight without sense & avoid technology.
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Why is this important to me?
When a drone collides with an aircraft, everyone loses. There is risk of injury or death, & there will be calls for more regulations on both drones & aircraft. We have a responsibility to be proactive & develop tech that reduces the probability of an accident. It will make our skies safer & more useful as we move into the future of integrated manned/unmanned aircraft operations in civil airspace.

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Tiny trevor 2014 07 24 Trevor McKeeman

EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh Wisconsin – 2016, today, announced three aviation technology competitions aimed at helping drones avoid airplanes, pilots pass their color vision tests, and aid NASA’s search to find life in our solar system.

To help reduce the risk of a drone colliding with a light aircraft, HiddenGenius is announcing the Drone Sense and Avoid competition. Companies from around the world will be invited to compete and demonstrate they have created technology that allows small drones to detect and avoid aircraft.

“We have visited with many of the top minds in the drone industry, NASA, FAA, drone operators, companies wanting to use drones beyond line of sight, and pilot organizations. It is clear that sense and avoid is one of the most important technologies for the future of aviation. Many companies are working on this, but proving you can do it in a public competition is powerful” said Trevor McKeeman, founder and CEO of HiddenGenius.

“Technology competitions have transformed aviation for decades. HiddenGenius is the next generation of this heritage, said McKeeman. “Now anyone can spark the next great competition for a technology that improves their life or the lives of others. If enough people sponsor the competition prize and help shape the goals and rules, it gets launched as an official competition. People love to be part of a good race or sporting event. We use tech competitions to bring visibility to those HiddenGeniuses out there who have real technology needs and the competitors racing to find solutions that improve the world.”

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