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The competition will be a live, myth buster style, public demonstration at a venue like Oshkosh or KSU Polytechnic campus. A GA aircraft or analog of one, (like a fuselage strapped to a dragster) will race toward a hovering drone which must autonomously move to avoid a collision.

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  • HUNDrone
  • Ágoston Ménesi First steps over 3 years ago
  • We are two young hungarian engineers, one of us is holding a PPL(A) licence. We have faced this problem and created an idea to solve it, the expected working range is 1 km, calculated weight about 100g, calculated price about $50. Our system would make the drone automatically avoid the present conflict by changing altitude, and also would be able to be identified from the ground (from certain distance). The only problem is that we are living in Europe, and so it makes hard to present our system in the USA... Still working, and hopefully will post some update soon.