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After visiting with brilliant NASA engineers at JPL, it was inspiring to see their sense of exploration & problem solving. Sterilizing spacecraft is a big challenge as we search for life & visit new worlds. What if more minds were harnessed to help tackle this challenge?
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Why is this important to me?
Is there life on other planets?....This is one of the fundamental questions of humankind. It is exciting to think that a community like HiddenGenius might help answer this question. Maybe we can enable some HiddenGenius in their garage to come up with a solution that helps us explore new worlds & change the course of our species. I want to join others & be a part of that adventure!
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Tiny trevor 2014 07 24 Trevor McKeeman

Helping NASA sterilize Mars rovers and possibly help them find life in Martian water - changes the history of our species. If that isn’t enough reason….What if the technology developed for this competition to sterilize rovers, could them be used to sterilize other things… hospital rooms here on earth? That tech might save millions of lives. This is a badass challenge. We need to get it Sponsored and Shaped…let’s make it happen!

over 3 years ago
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Tiny 15107397 10154677072217719 5557722863136841509 n Savannah Sherwood

According to PopularScience, learning to farm on Mars could save agriculture on Earth. But first, someone must develop a tech that will properly sterilize Mars rovers without damaging any electronics, instruments, or function. Helping NASA find a solution may help us find new life on Mars, save agriculture on Earth & beyond!

about 2 years ago
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Tiny 15107397 10154677072217719 5557722863136841509 n Savannah Sherwood

NASA recently posted a job vacancy for a planetary protection officer. Warding off aliens (tiny microbes from Space) and protecting other planets from Earth-based bacteria is a task that has intrigued the masses, including 9-year-old Jack Davis.

"Dear NASA, My name is Jack Davis and I would like to apply for the planetary protection officer job. I may be nine but I think I would be fit for the job," Jack wrote.

Jack may not have the credentials or pedigree to be employed with NASA just yet. However, in the meantime, he is perfectly qualified to be apart of the solution that helps NASA fight off the alien contamination that is preventing further discovery in space.

Check out the blog post to learn more about the mission we invited 9-year-old Jack on:

about 2 years ago