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I was born with mild color vision deficiency. I struggled in 2nd grade when the teacher used close shades of purple & blue. I loved airplanes & realized I could never be an astronaut because of color deficiency. Fortunately that did not stop me from becoming a private pilot. In a world where we knock down barriers for people with disabilities, how is CVD still preventing these dreams?
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My father first took me flying when I was 6. Flying with my kids now is a dream come true. Failing a FAA color vision exam could end night flight for me. I’m healthy & pass my medical exam with ease. I’ve been a pilot for 17 years & there is no safety concern. CVD prevents others from flying & pursuing jobs requiring full color vision. We can fix this with technology! Thank you HG for the help!
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Tiny trevor 2014 07 24 Trevor McKeeman

Director Robb Jacobson is producing a fantastic new documentary called Life Without Color. The film masterfully explores the human stories behind color vision deficiency. Millions of people struggle quietly with color vision, but for some individuals CVD ends their dream careers. Please support this film & Robb as he shares this important story!

about 4 years ago
Tiny trevor 2014 07 24 Trevor McKeeman

Technology that helps pilots distinguish color might also help others who want to pursue careers that require normal color recognition including firefighters, police, military, etc.

about 4 years ago
Tiny trevor 2014 07 24 Trevor McKeeman

It is very exciting to consider how this technology might help kids who struggle with color vision deficiency in school curriculums that use color for instruction. There are millions of people with color vision deficiency. Until there is a cure for CVD, this technology could radically improve lives and allow people to see the world from an entirely new perspective.

about 4 years ago
Tiny trevor 2014 07 24 Trevor McKeeman

Thank you for your support and helping to spread the word about this challenge!

about 4 years ago
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Tiny trevor 2014 07 24 Trevor McKeeman

We had a fantastic trip to Oshkosh (world’s largest aviation event). I had a chance to visit with a lot of pilots and others impacted by color vision deficiency.

David Tulis Associate Editor at the AOPA wrote an excellent story about the color vision challenge!

about 4 years ago
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