HiddenGenius Community

What tech would improve your life?

Chances are - other people care about that too.

Connect - with friends, colleagues, family, and interesting people from around the globe.

Who can join?

Anyone can become a Member of the HiddenGenius Community. It takes a few seconds and it’s FREE.

What you do from there, is what matters.

Who Is already involved?

Our growing community is diverse and includes: teachers, technologists, entrepreneurs, farmers, PhD scientists, workers, accountants, parents, creatives, bankers, inventors, students, makers, musicians, community leaders, etc. Different people with common interests.

We don’t care what your background is - only that you contribute your unique talents and resources to challenges that matter to you.

Why become a HiddenGenius Member?

Directly improve the world

  • You could (in the next few minutes) - Spark, Sponsor, or Shape a competition that directly changes the course of humankind. Yeah - it’s cool.


  • Who will win the race? Which team will make it to the playoffs? Will the underdog pull it off? People love competitions. They are fun to watch and a blast to create. Let the technology games begin!

Share your talents, perspectives, and knowledge

  • People will say - Who came up with that great idea? We could sure use those skills on our team...
  • The world is your stage - be recognized globally for your contributions of time, talent, and knowledge.

Leave a legacy

  • Leave your mark - on something big or meaningful to you. Put your money and talents where your mouth is. Future generations will thank you.

Connect with others

  • Meet and collaborate - with interesting people in your neighborhood or from around the globe.

Make things happen

  • Dreaming, researching, theorizing, and hoping are all valuable exercises. However action is what moves the needle of humankind. No visibility around your issue? Is the technology stalled? Build a competition, bring visibility, and drive tangible results.


Serendipity supercharged

We remember lucky introductions, conversations, or events that change the course of our lives.

What if we could intentionally increase how often this happens? A major benefit of the HG community is to discover and connect with new people and resources. Visibility and connections that were not previously available.

How do I connect with other Members?

Online and in-person - Members can connect several ways online and at HiddenGenius events. HiddenGenius.com

Profiles - Every Member of the HiddenGenius community has a profile page. You can search by name. Or browse other competitions and industries that interest you. See who is involved and which technologies matter to them.

Member Groups - join friends, colleagues...anyone. Learn more in the Member Groups section.

Shaping and Sponsoring Competitions - Get to know others that are interested in similar challenges. Working with Members to launch a competition is rewarding and it opens doors.

HiddenGenius Events

HiddenGenius Awards and Ideas Festival - Coming soon the HG-AIF will be an annual event that celebrates the accomplishments of successful technology competitions and the contributions of Members. It will offer breakout sessions around innovative challenges and topics. It is music festival, awards, and fascinating people all in one place.

Local / City / Regional events - Members can self-organize events anywhere they choose. From small gatherings to discuss specific competitions to larger events with entertainment. Get together, celebrate, hang out, discuss cool topics. Go for it.

Fund raising - create fund raising events around important challenges. Example: care about childhood diabetes? Create a local 5k run to support a competition for a new technology that helps in some way. Be creative. Have fun and directly improve the world at the same time.

Member Groups

Connect with friends and other interesting people

Member Groups - Members create Groups to communicate, connect, rally, collaborate, and celebrate with other Members.

Anyone can form a group - around challenges, locations, friendships, colleagues, organizations, industries, or anything else. Find or create groups on subjects you care about.

Meet up - online and offline

Offline and online - Member Groups can get together for any reason. It can be a social event, fundraiser around a particular challenge, or detailed discussion about Shaping a Challenge.

Member Groups can be open or private, but the most powerful aspect of these groups is bringing together individuals with different backgrounds to cross-pollinate ideas.

Informal groups change the world

The Lunar Society - was an inspiration for our Member Groups. This informal organization was formed in the 1700’s in Birmingham England. They met under the light of the full moon so that it was easier to walk home in the dark. Members came from many different backgrounds. The combination of their diverse talents help spur the industrial revolution.

Which group might spark the next technology revolution? We are eager to find out.

Community Values

We care about:

    • Identifying technologies that improve lives & the world
    • Demonstrating innovations in the market where it benefits people
    • Underdogs that change the world
    • The contributions of individuals
    • Recognizing the success of others as well as our own
    • Radical creativity
    • Generating prosperity & wealth
    • Mentoring others
    • Competition & collaboration
    • Constructive feedback & self improvement
    • Connecting people & resources
    • Disrupting stale processes with better solutions
    • The value of risk & failure (growth)
    • Creating access for individuals to improve their own lives
    • Your character
    • Posting appropriate & constructive content
    • Honoring legitimate IP
    • Standing on the shoulders of giants
    • Freedom of the individual
    • Taking on hard challenges
    • The next generation

We do not care:

  • Where you are from (a rural town or a big city)
  • Your background (gender, race, religion, etc.)
  • Your formal level of education (only that you are curious)
  • About anyone’s ego
  • About social classes or a sense of entitlement
  • Bureaucratic processes that don’t bring value
  • If your hair is blue

HiddenGenius Team

HiddenGenius Team

We are grateful - for the contributions of many talented individuals to help make HiddenGenius a reality.

Thank you - to our advisors, friends, colleagues, and families. Early Members of the HiddenGenius community have been instrumental in helping us build, test, and improve the website. We greatly appreciate your contributions and we are excited to see what the community can achieve!

The core team - launching HiddenGenius is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, software engineers, designers, financiers, creatives, inventors, and disrupters. It is a diverse group, genuinely interested in improving the world with technology.

Genius Wanted - As HG grows we will need the genius of others on our team. Drop us a note if you are up to the challenge!

HG Leadership:

Trevor McKeeman: CEO / Founder

Entrepreneur, Inventor, Techie, MIT, Harvard, KSU, Farmer, Father x3, STOL Aircraft Pilot

Jessica Fox: Chief Narrative Officer - Creative Direction & Strategy

Writer/Director, Creative, NASA, Folklore & Mythology Nerd

Hunter Harrison: Director of Business Development

Entrepreneur, Banker, KSU, Dune Buggy Enthusiast

Savannah Sherwood: Narrative & Community Development Manager

Writer, Photographer, Creative, KSU, Explorer

Angie Vroom: Director Creative Content & Community Development

Writer, Editor, Teacher, Creative, Emerson, Meditation Guru

Daron Jamison: Operations Strategy

Entrepreneur, Financial Modeling, Securities, CSU, FHSU, Private Pilot, Ranch Owner/Manager

Marty Haught: Lead Software Developer

Entrepreneur, Software Conference Organizer, Former Musician & Infantryman, Food & Drink Adventurer

Andrew Kappen: Software Developer

Software Consultant, Masters in Mathematics KU, Book Lover

Archana Sriram: Software Developer

Developer, UX focus, Yoga & Meditation teacher

Casey McTaggert: Software Developer

Developer, Rock Climber, Backcountry Skier, Former Cartoon Maker

Noreen Weiss: Lead Legal

Law firm Partner, Startups, Crowdfunding, International Corporate Development

HiddenGenius Advisors

Diane Mulcahy

Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, Adjunct Professor Babson, Writer, Former Venture Capitalist, Harvard

Arthur Fox

Entrepreneur, Inventor of Royalty Based Financing, Fund Manager, MIT

Thomas Malone

Director of MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Entrepreneur, MIT Professor Advanced Organizational Design

Kent Glasscock

Entrepreneur, Intellectual Property Commercialization, Former Speaker of the House, KSU

Anne Gatling Haynes

Strategic Economic Development Fund, Yale Architecture, MIT

Jason Kap

Entrepreneur, Software Executive, MIT

Michael Wesch

KSU Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology, Digital Ethnography, New Media

Sri Rao

Entrepreneur, Technologist, NASA, MIT

Matthew Rhodes-Kropf

Harvard Business Associate Professor VC/PE, Early Stage VC Fund Founder

The HiddenGenius Story

Prologue - How do we tackle technology challenges faster?

The story behind HiddenGenius - begins by fast forwarding through years of work….helping new technologies get to the market where people can use them. Along the way, we realized the power of prize competitions to attract innovators and tackle technology challenges.

But something was missing…..the centuries old, standard process for developing prize competitions was still driven, top-down, by an elite few. It limited input. It wouldn’t scale. It was slow.

Chapter 1 - Our Spark

A 13 year old girl with epilepsy - is part of our inspiration, our Spark. The daugher of a friend from MIT needed surgery to improve her quality of life. She needed two surgeries. The first would implant a grid of electrodes directly on her brain. She would then wait a week for seizures to occur so the location of the seizure onset could be accurately determined. The second surgery was to remove a portion of brain tissue to hopefully help mitigate the seizures.

What she did next was amazing. Rather than dwelling on her pending surgeries, she decided to initiate a fundraising effort to support epilepsy research. Technology that might help others in the future. Her efforts were wildly successful. She rallied a community and far exceeded the funding goal. She inspired others.

Her bravery did not stop there. She also volunteered to allow the researchers to use the implanted electrodes to explore and map functionality in the language part of her brain. She knew the information obtained from this effort might help others beyond epilepsy, including stroke victims.

This young lady directly improved the world in three ways. She brought visibility to the topic of epilepsy, she raised funds to support research, and she participated directly in the science of brain mapping. She inspired us.

We had a Spark - after reflecting on her success. Why don’t we build a site where anyone can initiate (Spark) a technology competition? Enable a community to design the goals and rules of that competition? Support innovation by contributing funds to a prize purse? What if our contributions could make a direct and real-time difference? In the example of epilepsy - what if technology was developed that could eliminate the need for the first surgery, or improve the odds of a successful outcome? How can we help bring visibility to people with real technology needs? Maybe help improve the world?

We decided to build the HiddenGenius site and test if a community could make this possible.

Chapter 2 - Your Spark

Your stories are what matter - not ours. We don’t try to pick technologies or guess what the best competitions will be. There are other companies attempting to do that. Frankly, who are we to say - what the priorities are in technology challenges. There are a lot of smart, thoughtful, insightful, and passionate people in this world. Let them decide.

We are excited - to see which competitions get launched, and which ones don’t. We are eager for the community to prove that HiddenGenius can come from anywhere. No location, class, education level, or background has a monopoly on people that can improve the world with technology. Let’s do this!